Flowers are always appreciated


Sending flowers with EuroFlorist is a simple way of showing that your thoughts are with the recipient. There are flowers suitable for every occasion. Birthdays, public holidays, St Valentine’s day, mother’s day and father’s day, weddings, christenings, funerals or when you simply want to send a personal message. You can even send flowers international. Flowers are appreciated by everyone, regardless of the recipient’s age or interests.


Seasonal flowers


At EuroFlorist you will find a wide range of different flowers. We always use seasonal flowers in our bouquets and, depending on the way in which our florists combine the blooms, a bouquet can be given a different character and style each time. Roses, for example, can be anything from coolly elegant to deeply romantic depending on the colour and type of bloom selected as well as the flowers with which they are combined.


Say it with flowers


Saying it with flowers is a fun way of giving the flowers you send an extra meaning. By choosing flowers of a particular colour, you can communicate a range of sentiments from friendship to love. Just bear the following in mind when choosing your flowers:



White: purity, sincerity, innocence, light

Red: love, modesty, intensity

Yellow: honour, friendship

Blue: wisdom, piety, integrity, eternal loyalty

Lilac: high office

Pink: tenderness, youth, love

Green: hope, security


Caring for your flowers and pot plants


By giving your flowers and pot plants the best possible care you can ensure they will last and give pleasure for longer. Just follow these simple steps. First and foremost, remember to change the water in the vase frequently and to avoid putting the flowers in an over-heated atmosphere. Read more about what to do to enjoy your flowers for longer.