Bouquets for every occasion


EuroFlorist offers bouquets that are suitable for sending whatever the occasion. A well-composed bouquet will always be appreciated by the couple who have recently become parents or the friend starting a new job, as well as those suffering a bereavement. You can send flowers to convey anything you want from appreciation to love, and beautiful bouquets are an effective way of showing you care. Distance is no obstacle – thanks to EuroFlorist you can send flowers international, too.


The art of hand-tying bouquets


When you choose to send flowers with EuroFlorist you are buying a real work of art. We have approximately 9,700 EuroFlorist-associated florists, all of whom are skilled and experienced in creating small works of art with their bouquets. As well as being seasoned professionals in the art of combining blooms of every description, they hand-tie bouquets to create beautiful and lasting forms.


Bouquets in a variety of styles


At EuroFlorist you will find bouquets in a large variety of styles. From opulent and burgeoning bouquets to arrangements of a purer and more austere style. Bouquets with a masculine feel and bouquets that can be considered to be typically feminine. Bouquets appropriate for a modern interior and bouquets that complement a cosy and more classically furnished home.


Choose a bouquet to suit your pocket


All our bouquets are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges. This means that, apart from choosing the style of bouquet you want, you can also decide on the size of display and how much you want to spend. Choose one of our smaller bouquets when you simply wish to send a thank you or brief message, and one of our larger bouquets when you really want to push the boat out or show the recipient how much you appreciate them.