FLR.ST by Euroflorist

Order subscriptions with our new service: FLR.ST

FLR.ST is easily pronounced as: Florist!

Fresh flowers on a regular basis? Done, with this subscription!

The bouquets will be customized to your style: perfect to decorate your home or office, but it is also perfect as a gift. You will surpise someone time after time again.

We know flowers make you happy, so FLR.ST is here to take care of everything. We make sure your perfect bouquet will be delivered at home or in your office.

Personalize your bouquet in three ways. Select a size and delivery frequency, choose a bouquet type and color mix, and tell us the colors or flowers you don’t want. Your beautifully designed seasonal bouquets will be delivered to your doorstep by a local florist. By using local florists we can assure high quality and keep local businesses running!

Going on holiday? No problem, you can make sure the florist will deliver your bouquet with friends, family or loved ones very easily. It is also possible to pause your subscription if needed, ending the subscription is possible every month.

Below are some examples of a possible (small/medium/large) round bouquet or field bouquet. Florists work with seasonal flowers, so these are just to give you a broad idea, of course you can adjust the bouquets to your style!