Mother's Day is the day in the year to surprise mum. Mother's Day is celebrated in most countries, although it does not always fall on the same day everywhere. Already in the time of the ancient Greeks mothers were honored with special rituals and afterwards the tradition never completely disappeared. In the 19th century during the American civil war, women started a publicity campaign to honor mothers who had done good deeds. This day became a success and the idea soon spread. Although the day is no longer directly connected to the war, the worldwide popularity has increased considerably.

A bouquet of flowers has been popular Mother's Day for years. In addition, breakfast is often served in bed by the rest of the family, small poems are  written and the mother of the house gets extra attention. With family activities, baking days, baking cakes or cookies, or spending time together, the Mum's are the center of all attentions on this second Sunday in May.

As Mother's Day falls every year in the late spring and early summer, certain flowers are always around this time in the season and those bouquets with peonies, for example, are very popular. That is not for nothing, given the elegant and feminine appearance of this beautiful flower. With a beautiful large bouquet of flowers you will soon have a beautiful gift in your hands and by adding a beautiful card to it you have a personal gift for mother. 

  • For the best mom in the entire world
  • Especially for you, because you are the best!
  • For a special mother, enjoy your special Day.
  • Dear mama, because you are so sweet and special, I wish you a fantastic Mother's Day!
  • Your favorite flowers, especially for you, on Mother's Day!
  • For my dear mom, who is always there for me.
  • Today you will be treated like a princess!
  • Mom, today we will be extra sweet ...
  • This gift is especially for you, because you are great!
  • Today you do not have to do anything, just enjoy! This is your day. We love you!