Send funeral flowers

Sending funeral flowers as a final greeting is a wonderful way to express support or to send your condolences. Our funeral collection offers various options for sending funeral flowers. Various possibilities for funeral bouquets, funeral arrangements, funeral wreaths and also condolences bouquets make it possible to find a suitable product to suits the right situation.

We work with a large network of florists throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Our florists are carefully selected, so you can be sure that only the best quality florists will supply your flowers with passion for their area. Our florists deliver wherever you want, at home or at the ceremony in the church, in the crematorium or even in a cemetery. When ordering, you can enter all necessary information, such as the date, name and address details, time and any additional details.

Our florists have years of experience and know better than anyone else how important funeral flowers are. All our orders are handled with the utmost care and extra attention is paid to delivery details. WIth us and our florist your funeral order is in good hands. Our funeral collection offers a large number of possibilities. Funeral bouquets, arrangements, wreaths or box cover. The possibilities, colors and styles are endless. On our website you will find an overview of options that are appropriate to send to ceremonies or condolence bouquets to home addresses.

Funeral bouquets, arrangements and wreaths

Sending funeral flowers to ceremonies is common practice in the Netherlands. Flowers and funerals are inextricably linked. Not only the close family, but also friends, acquaintances, guests and those who were not able to attent often send their support of flowers. A funeral bouquet is a lying bouquet and an arrangement is often put together on oasis.

Condolence bouquets

Condolence bouquets can be delivered to your home if you wish. This is a very common expression of support, for example to express support during the ceremony if you can't make it there. A bouquet in soft tones is a beautiful statement of support at times of mourning.

Funeral ribbon

A ribbon with a personal message is often attached to funeral arrangements. This message is addressed to the deceased. On our site you can select ribbons in various colors. If you do not select a color, you can also leave this to the florist. He will then select a ribbon that matches the color of the arrangement. Texts on the ribbon are often short.

Text ideas for the mourning ribbon:

Rest in peace
With sincere condolences
We will miss you
We love you
Forever in our hearts
Lots of love
Our last greeting
We will never forget you
With great gratitude
The memory remains
You live on in our hearts