Beautiful Tulips

"Dutch tulips from their beds

Flaunted their stately heads. "

(James Montgomery)

Tulips can be found in shops from December / January to late in spring. They can only be grown in a cold climate, with cold nights and a cold winter which make it a very suitable flower for the Netherlands The tulip is by far our beautiful business card. Crazy actually,  when you think that she originates from Turkey.

With the more than 900 varieties of tulips, there is always one that can convey the right message. The netherlands are leader when it come to cultivating tulips as they have over 95 perecent of the world shares.

Send tulips during the Tulipomania

The origin of the Dutch tulip tradition comes from Turkey. The tulip was introduced in the western world in 1551 by the Viennese ambassador for Turkey, Ghislain de Busbecq, he wrote about the flowers he had seen in Turkish Edirne. Around 1593 the first copies appeared in the Netherlands. The first documented copies were planted by Carolus Clusius in the Hortus botanicus Leiden, which he led from 1593 onwards. The flower and the bulb were found so special that a living trade soon arose. In 1634 a single bulb was so expensive that for the same money a canal house could be bought in Amsterdam!

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