Text ideas for Valentine's day

Declaring your love is simple, at least that's what you would think. For many people it is difficult come with an idea for an original text. So if you need some inspiration you are at the right place! Flowers and words are the perfect combination. Although a bouquet often says more than 1000 words, adding a personal card makes your gift complet. The ideal text on a card add this personal touch that will make the difference. Why not add an invitation to the text, for example? An invitation to eat out, or something else to surprise someone?
Flowers have been immensely popular as Valentine's gift for years. Followed by cosmetics and chocolate, flowers are the most beloved and romantic gifts. They are not only popular around Valentine's Day, but also around other romantic occasions.

  • I love you more every day
  •   You had me at hello
  •   Old love does not rust
  •   Omnia vincit amor - Love conquers everything
  •   Love at first sight is the most common eye disease. Love you!
  •   Love does not only look with the eyes, but especially with the soul. I love you in sweatpants, in pajamas, when you wake up, always!
  •   I wish you were here! Or i was there. At least together

German: Ich liebe dich
English: I love you
Arabic: N'bghick
Danish: Jeg dig elsker
Croatian: You volim
Spanish: Te amo / te quiero
Hungarian: Szeret leak
Italian: Ti amo
French: Je t'aime
Japanese: Aishitemasu
Norwegian: Jeg deg elsker
Polish: Kocham cie
Portuguese: Eu te amo
Swedish: Jag dig älskar