Spring Flowers

The months of March, April and May are dominated by Spring. Spring stands for a new, fresh start. People have their big spring cleaning, animals get young, summer seems closer and nature is preparing for a new flowering season.

Every season has its own bouquets of accompanying flowers, and so does the spring. Typical spring flowers are:


Tulips (although they are available from the end of December)


The colors yellow, white and green symbolize spring. These colors can therefore often be found in spring bouquets.

A place where you can best view the awakening of spring is and remains the Keukenhof. Every year the park opens its doors to the public at the end of March. People can walk through the beautifully colored fields full of flowers and smell the spring feeling. The Keukenhof will close its doors at the end of May, so be on time!

Euroflorist has a range of spring bouquets especially for spring.