What does flowers means to you?

What does a bunch of flowers mean to you? We asked our customers what they thought and we got a lot of nice reactions. Looking at all the answers we got it bacame clear that flowers release emotions and make us happy. Giving a bunch of flowers to someone is a wonderful gesture for the sender as well as for the recipient. A nice bouquet on the table not only gives a lively touch to the interior, it also spread a wonderful scent aournd to make a house a home! Want to know what flowers mean to poeple? Read their reactions hereunder: 

"For me, flowers make my house a home, nothing is as fine as a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table, so I always make sure that I have a one, with some branches and greenery from my garden My favorite flowers are white lilies " 

"Coziness! I Always put something on the table and even often next to my bed. It makes you happy and brings joy in the house"

"For me, flowers mean love and friendship, they give me a feeling of happiness!"

"To me the mean everything! No flowers in the house is terribly boring!"

"Flowers are my life, they make me happy, they give me a lot of strength and bring colors into my life"

"Harmony, love, happiness and joy in my life !!! And without the color and the nice scent of a beautiful bouquet my interior is not complete"

"Flowers stand for cosiness, happiness and I especially enjoy those beautiful colors! There is nothing more beautiful than flowers. When you come home and your living room shines, that is only possible with flowers ..."

"Everything I could not live without, my house is always full of flowers My favorite flowers are lysianthus, roses, tulips"

"Flowers for me mean joy, happiness and a smile on someone's face! It is the most beautiful gift to give."

"Flowers sometimes say more than words .... and from a beautiful bouquet I always become happy!"