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Making a Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath decorates the front door beautifully during the festive season, but of course it also looks great inside the house. Would you like to make a modern Christmas wreath for the front door or for the table? Making an advent wreath isn't difficult. You can do this in 4 easy steps! Would you rather have a ready-made Christmas wreath, or perhaps further decorate it yourself? You can also order beautiful Christmas wreaths from us!

wreath supplies

What you need to make the Christmas wreath

A straw wreath, scissors, thin green twine and jute yarn. The straw wreath will give shape to your door wreath. Use the binding wire to attach leaves and twigs to the straw wreath and use the burlap yarn to hang the wreath later. You can also use a metal ring instead of a straw wreath as a base for a modern Christmas wreath.

christmas leaves

What you need to decorate the Christmas wreath

Choose the materials you want to use for your Christmas wreath. We chose natural materials such as eucalyptus leaves, thistles and leaves in autumn colours for our wreath. Let your creativity run free and design your Christmas wreath entirely according to your taste. For example, choose spruce branches and maybe even a few Christmas baubles to give your door wreath a Christmassy touch.

making christmas wreath step 1

Step 1: Drape and bind the leaves

Drape the leaves and branches on the straw wreath. Tie them at the end of the stems to the wreath with binding wire. Decorate a small piece of the straw wreath tightly until it is completely covered with the materials. Decorate further bit by bit until the wreath is completely covered. A little tip: leave the back of the wreath bare. When you hang the wreath on the door later, you won't be able to see the back anyway.

making christmas wreath step 2

Step 2: Attaching the materials

If you tie the materials to the straw wreath piece by piece, you need to tie them in between. After all, we want your wreath to withstand all weather conditions. To do this, wrap the binding wire around the stems a few times.

making christmas wreath step 3

Step 3: The finishing touch

The straw wreath is now completely covered with materials of your choice. Now it's time for the finishing touches. Review your Christmas wreath and re-tie leaves and twigs where necessary. Lightly pull individual leaves and shift them so that the door wreath looks evenly and lavishly decorated.

christmas wreath door

Step 4: Attach the yute yarn & hang the wreath

Tie the yute yarn around the top of the Christmas wreath a few times. Then make a loop to hang it up. Hang your door wreath on your front door, garden door, stairwell or wherever you like. Of course, you can also place it nicely inside on the table as a Christmas decoration.