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The little cousin of the common sunflower was categorized for the first time in South Africa by a Scotsman named Robert Jameson, and its Latin name is derived from a German naturalist called Traugott Gerber. Send gerberas and you're sending a lovely happy bouquet! This popular flower is found in numerous bouquets. Send a bouquet of gerberas – it will surely make someone happy.

  • Gerbera flower delivery

    The Gerbera is like a chameleon, not only because the flower is available in almost every colour of the rainbow, but also because the Gerbera looks beautiful in many types of bouquets.  Gerberas can be sent for any occasion. From love bouquets to bouquets with only Gerberas, the Gerbera stands its ground! Make someone happy today with a beautiful Gerbera bouquet. If you order before 13:00, we will make sure the bouquet is delivered today.