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Plants delivery

Bring nature into your home with our finest green and flowering indoor plants. From the monstera to the orchid, we promise you a living work of art for your room. Order plants online and let us beautify your space.

  • Online plant delivery in the Netherlands with Euroflorist

    Euroflorist is the number 1 plant delivery service for all your plants deliveries in the Netherlands. Ordering plants online and having them delivered is easier than ever. With Euroflorist you can have beautiful and cheap houseplants delivered wherever you want. All our indoor plants are delivered with the greatest care, so you can be sure of a fresh and radiant plant. You can have your indoor plants delivered directly to your home or to another location of your choice. Perfect for all occasions such as a birthdaythanking someone or for congratulations. Houseplants are a highly appreciated gift, thanks to their longevity and trendy look.

  • Can I have my plant delivered in the hospital?

    Cheering up someone with a nice plant is always a nice gesture! However, plant deliveries to hospitals can turn out to be a bit trickier than expected. Often regulated, or even prohibited for certain services plants are not always welcome in hospital, mostly for hygiene reasons. If this is case the florist will leave your flower at the reception of the hospital. Why such regulations? The presence of soil and dirt, and therefore potential mold, can lead to complications. The best advice is to directly ask the hospital what are the rules in force.

  • Green houseplants or flowering indoor plants?

    Plants come in all shapes and sizes. Flowering indoor plants, green houseplants, succulents and even carnivorous plants. They come in all the craziest colors and shapes. Do you know that there are approximately (as far as we know) 390000 species of plant? Crazy right? And more of them are discovered every year! 

    Want to surprise someone with a long-lasting gift? A houseplant is what you need! Do you like colour? Then choose a flowering indoor plant such as a beautiful orchid. These plants are totally hip and modern and bring cheerfulness and color to your interior. Do you prefer a green houseplant? That is possible too! Trendy indoor plants such as a monstera, an alocasia, a bird of paradise plant or a calathea are always a hit!

    Houseplants for the living room are a natural asset to any interior. They behave like a real green lung, and often have an air-purifying effect. They also increase well-being and have a calming effect: perfect for relaxing and leaving stress behind.

  • How can I take care of my plants: the best care tips for plants!

    Let’s be honest some of us have green fingers and some of us …simply don’t. But one thing is sure even the plant lover with no green fingers can have plant in their home that survive. You just need to know which one suits you! If you like flowers and plants you also want to take good care of them, don’t you? To survive plants are a bit like us! To have beautiful plants, you must give them a little of everything in reasonable quantities:

    • Light: essential for photosynthesis, this is the base of everything. But be careful not to put them in full sun or near a heater.
    • Water: just what’s needed! Also, one important tip: never let water stagnate in the pot or the cup.
    • Nutrient: a little fertilizer every week on average.
    • Parasites: check that your pretty plants are not invaded by aphids, spiders and other small animals!