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About Euroflorist

Since the beginning at Euroflorist we have been committed to helping people connect with each other through flowers from our professional retail florists. Whether it is across town, throughout the country, or around the world, we touch people with flowers.

The Euroflorist mission has been to enable consumers all over Europe, whether an individual or a company, a cost effective way to send flowers anywhere in the world. With their florist members, Euroflorist works to be the most reliable and most innovative floral industry partner. As a result, Euroflorist makes it easier to send flowers.

Our story

1982 – A new and more efficient flower relay is created

The engineer Peter Jungbeck starts Svensk Blomsterförmedling in 1982 together with his friend and business partner Lars Hedberg. With his technical background, Peter has built a new system that makes it a lot easier for florists to relay flowers between them. Soon Svensk Blomsterförmedling has a strong network of florists that delivers flowers across the countries. As true entrepreneurs, Peter and Lasse throw themselves into the business with everything they’ve got. They sell their cars and apartments and invest everything in their new venture. From an attic on Norra Vallgatan in Malmö, they are in constant contact with the florists to make sure all flower deliveries and payments go through.

The basic principles that the company was founded on – a close collaboration with the florists based on respect, free will and creativity – have continued to guide the company throughout the years.

1984 – International network & flower deliveries abroad

In 1984, Svensk Blomsterförmedling becomes the representative for Teleflor International in Sweden. As a result, the Swedish florists can now deliver flowers all over the world. During the same period, the company moves to bigger premises on Torggatan in Malmö.

1988 – Expansion to Norway & launch of flower cards

As the company now delivers flowers internationally, they soon discover that there is no relay network in Norway and decide to start up business there. The same year, they launch their popular flower cards, gift cards that can be used as payment in all member stores. Since the start, millions of flower cards have been sold and spread happiness around Europe.

1990 – The company changes name to Euroflorist

Svensk Blomsterförmedling merges with Blommografen and they need a new name for the united company. The name should describe the business (the florists who deliver all the beautiful flowers) but also the expansion plans that exist. In the end, the decide on Euroflorist.

1995 - Euroflorist first with flower relay on the Internet

When the University in Lund arranges a seminar on the new phenomenon ”internet”, Peter quickly sees the opportunities. Euroflorist launches their first web shop in August 1995 as one of the first 100 companies in the world! From the start it is possible to pay with credit cards on the site, although the transactions are handled via a Scottish bank, since no Swedish bank is ready to deal with web shops yet. During the first period, the web shop receives around 1 order a day, a number that quickly multiplies and that continues to increase every year. We are very proud to continue to be in the forefront of the development and offer our customers the best services to order flowers quickly, easily and safely on the Internet.

Quick European expansion

During the 1990’s and 2000’s the company quickly expands throughout Europe. Euroflorist establishes businesses in Danmark (1993), Poland (1996), Germany (2001), Austria (2002), Holland (2003), France (2004), and finally Belgien and Luxemburg (2006). The latest expansion is in England and Ireland though the acquisition of eFlorist 2010, a company that has delivered flowers in Great Britain since 1947.

2005 – the Euroflorists e-commerce platform wins award

In 2005, Euroflorist is awarded the Microsoft .NET Award for the most modern e-commerce platform in Europe. On the website customers can, besides ordering flower deliveries, also create their own address book and add reminders to make sure they never forget to send flowers on important occasions.

2007 – Euroflorist celebrates 25 years with 1500 florists

Euroflorist celebrates 25 successful years in Barcelona together with 1500 florists from the network. They are treated to an extravagant flower show and the world famous flower artists Gregor Lersch and Klaus Wagener gave inspiration with their flower creations.

2012 – Euroflorist celebrates 30 years with a new logotype…

In connection with Euroflorist’s 30-year jubilee, we take a step into the future with a new, more modern logotype. Our new symbol represents what we do – it is both a flower and a bird, the messenger who delivers our flowers to the recipient.

… and the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive!

Since the start in 1982, Euroflorist has delivered more than 41 million bouquets around the world, making millions of people happy.
Although today we are a successful international company, the entrepreneurial spirit from the attic office on Norra Vallgatan is still alive. We work every day to exceed the expectations of our customers and florists and to spread happiness and joy through flowers – anywhere, anytime.

2021 – New CEO Magnus Silfverberg

The investor consortium Euroflorist 2.0 AB jointly acquired 100% of Euroflorist. Magnus Silfverberg takes over the CEO position following the acquisition. CEO Per Lindsjö is leaving the company. Under Per Lindsjö's leadership, Euroflorist has successfully built a growing and profitable business. The investor consortium will invest in the business from a long-term perspective with the ambition of developing an even better company.