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Love and romance

Looking for the best way to surprise him or her? Or do you have a secret crush? Romantic flowers will definitely do the trick. Say "I love you" with an affordable hand-tied romantic bouquet, or send an anonymous surprise! You’d be surprised how little it costs, to make someone feel big.​

  • Send love and romance flowers with Euroflorist

    Saying I love you with flowers is so simple and so right. A budding romance or shy, passionate, sincere, platonic, unacknowledged, or even lost love  - all emotions are expressed with a bouquet of flowers. Of course, pink and red roses in particular are the symbol of love, but other flowers are romantic as well, such as a freesia or tulip. The biggest smiles come from unexpected gestures of love. So, gentlemen, surprise your beloved. Give her a surprise bouquet of flowers just because you love her! You will see her face light up like a sunrise. And you ladies who say that men do not like to receive flowers - surprise him with an orchid in his office or a bouquet of long-stemmed flowers. Guaranteed success!

  • Send flowers anonymously

    Do you have a secret crush, onesided love, or just too shy to express your love? With Euroflorist, you can send flowers anonymously! Just select the bouquet and send a cute secret admirer card message. Or if you really want to remain a mystery, no message at all is also possible. We never kiss and tell, so if you want to remain anonymous it will stay that way! Anonymous flower delivery is done with Euroflorist.