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Mother's Day Flower Delivery

Looking for the best gift to offer on Mother's day? Don't look further! Flowers are THE most popular gift to surprise mum! These elegant and unique creations will be handmade by one of our locale florist and delivered right to her door! Yes, we also deliver on Mother's day!


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  • Deliver flowers for Mother's Day 2024

    This year, Mother's day is on 12 May. Giving a bouquet to mum is always an appreciated gesture At Euroflorist, you can order your Mother's Day flowers online today and we will make sure that your Mother's Day bouquet is delivered on Mother's Day.

    How can I send Mother's Day flowers? You can easily and quickly order your flowers for Mother's Day online on our website. Above, you will find an extensive selection of Mother's Day bouquets, and Mother's Day Flowers perfect for a special treat. Choose the desired bouquet, fill in the required details, place your order and voilà, your bouquet is on its way to your mother!

  • What are the most popular flowers for Mother's Day?

    Mother's Day is THE day on which moms are put in the spotlight and pampered. Breakfast is often served in bed by the rest of the family, cards are made or written, and the mother of the house gets extra attention. With family activities, days out, baking cakes or cookies, or spending time together, mums are in the center of all attentions.

    Although flowers have been a popular gift on Mother's Day for years, many people do not know which flowers to choose for their mother. Below are the most popular Mother's Day flowers:

    • Peonies: This flower is the number one flower for Mother's Day. Because of its feminine look, the peony is very popular with women and a big favorite around Mother's Day.
    • Roses: This beautiful flower is perfect for Mother's Day. Stylish and elegant, she is guaranteed to put a smile on your mother's face.
    • Lilies: This majestic flower is a real eye-catcher. Perfect for putting mom in the spotlight!
    • OrchidsA plant? Good choice! A long-lasting Mother's Day gift that your mom will enjoy for a long time.
    • Hydrangeas: Blue, pink or white hydrangeas are the perfect gift for mothers with green fingers. Take a look to our plant collection.
  • Will my flowers be delivered on Mother's Day itself?

    Yes! Even though we don't guarantee deliveries on Sundays, we of course make an exception for Mother's Day. You can feel confident ordering your flowers for delivery on Sunday, May 12. All our florists are open especially for the occasion and guarantee deliveries on Mother's Day itself. However, due to the increasing volume, we cannot guarantee specific delivery times.

  • Texts for Mother's Day cards - make it personal!

    With a beautiful, large bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day, you soon have a wonderful gift in your hands. By adding a beautiful card to this, you have a personal gift for mother. If you want to make your gift extra special, you can choose extras in our shop, such as a box of chocolates, a vase or a bottle of bubbles. Incidentally, coming up with a card text can sometimes be quite a challenge. Don't worry, we have some Mother's Day text inspiration and ideas to touch your mother's heart!

  • Can I send Mother's Day flowers abroad?

    Mother's Day is a big day for mothers worldwide. Cultural differences, different climates, landscapes and eating patterns differ a lot, but the feeling of being a mother is everywhere the same. With Euroflorist you can easily send your Mother's Day flowers abroad. However, you should note that Mother's Day abroad does not always fall on the same date as in the Netherlands. Therefore, we cannot guarantee deliveries on Sundays for deliveries abroad.

  • Plants for Mother's Day

    Flowers bring the cheerful colours to the table, but does your mother prefer something green? We also have Mother's Day plants! They are a good alternative for mothers who want something different.