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Deliver plants for Mother’s Day

Does your mother have green fingers? Then send her some lovely greenery or blooming plant for Mother's Day. Our florists deliver through the whole country whenever & wherever you want. Check out the collection, pick your mom's favorite one and we'll make sure she receives a beautiful plant right on time. Yes, we also deliver on Mother's Day!


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  • Send Mother's Day Plants with Euroflorist

    Is your mother, or the person you want to put in the spotlight on Mother's Day, not a big fan of cut flowers or bouquets? Then a beautiful Mother's Day plant is a good alternative. There are numerous plants that are suitable for Mother's Day. Flowering plants, succulents or green plants, there is something for everyone! Our Mother's Day plants come with potting soil, roots and beautiful leaves. To sublimate the plant you’ve selected, our florists will choose a beautiful fitting ornamental pot to go with it. Giving a Mother's Day plant as a gift is a strong symbol. Indeed, just like the roots for a plant, our mothers are the roots that give us strength. A lovely message don't you think?

    While a bouquet is usually wilted after 10 days, plants last much longer if well taken care of. Moreover, depending on the species, Mother's Day plants will re-bloom several times. This long-lasting gift will then be a beautiful reminder of Mother's Day. So to the question: is it a good idea to have a Mother's Day plant delivered on Mother's Day? The answer is: YES !

    Mother's Day plants are the perfect gift to honor all mothers! In our selection above you can quickly and easily find and order the best plants for Mother's Day. These good alternative for mothers who want something different than a regular Mother's Day bouquet of flowers, are personally delivered by one of our local florists in the Netherlands.

    The plus point of a Mother's Day plant is that they last longer compared to a Mother's Day bouquet. Add a matching greeting card to your order and the surprise on 12 May is perfect! Sending Mother's Day plants has never been easier. Order now your Mother's Day plant online at Euroflorist. 

  • What are the best plants for Mother's Day?

    Hortensia - With the hydrangea, which is also called hortensia, we are cheating a little. Indeed, hydrangeas are often used as cut flowers in bouquets. This time, however, we want to give hydrangeas a little more attention, but as great Mother's Day plants. Perfect for in the living room, hydrangeas are also at ease on the balcony or in the garden. The big plus: this beautiful plant symbolizes grace and beauty.

    Sweetheart plant - The sweetheart plant, also called hoya kerri, comes from Thailand and gets its descriptive name from its leaf shape. It is - exactly, you guessed it - heart-shaped! This plant continuously produces new heart-shaped leaves as it ages. This is a slow but steady process. Despite its small size, this plant makes an excellent Mother's Day gift.

    Anthurium - This plant is also called "flamingo flower." It owes this nickname to its appearance: large and exotic with shades of red and pink. An anthurium for Mother's Day is a good choice, as in the language of flowers and plants, the anthurium stands for confidence and admiration.

    Rose plant - The symbolism of the rose plant is almost the same as that of roses: love. So rose plants for Mother's Day are perfect if you want to say to your mom, "You are forever the best" or "I love you mom"

  • Send an orchid for Mother's Day

    A special Mother's Day plant that deserves its own chapter is the orchid. It is so popular as a Mother's Day plant that the orchid is the most popular Mother's Day surprise after the rose and peony. But the orchid is not only one of the most popular Mother's Day plants, it is also one of the most beautiful. With its beautiful blossoms in white, pink and purple, it looks beautiful anywhere you put it. The orchid symbolizes exotic beauty, respect and deep friendship. This symbolism makes the orchid the ideal gift for Mother's Day.