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Peony Flower Delivery

Would you like to have peonies delivered? Then you've come to the right place, because it's peony season again! Only blooming in may and june peonies are an elegant flower and for sure a brillant gift. Order a peony rose bouquet or one with a mix of different flowers. With their pastel shades they are also very popular present especially on Mother's Day.

  • Send a peony bouquet with Euroflorist

    For all peony lovers and all others who would like to enjoy a beautiful bouquet of peonies, the time has finally come: the peony season has officially begun! The flowering season of the undisputed queen of flowers is short-lived. Indeed, peonies are scarce and bloom only in May and June. This makes a bouquet with peonies even more special. Peonies are without any doubt the start of show and one thing is for sure: they are making any bouquet special! Peonies are true seasonal favorites at the beginning of the summer season. With their large flowers, they are especially loved for romantic moments or as gifts, but they are also welcome guests at weddings.

    Would you like to surprise someone with beautiful peonies? Seek no further! With the help of our local florists, you can easily and quickly have your peony bouquet delivered throughout the Netherlands. Choose one of the bouquets above, fill in the address where the bouquet should be delivered, and we will take care of the rest!

  • What are peonies?

    Peonies are the favorite flowers of many. But why exactly? This popularity can be explained by two factors. On the one hand by the fact that the peony season is short: they bloom only takes place in May and June. And on the other hand by the fact that hardly any other flowers exist with such large flowers. The peony has six bracts. These are very large and rose-like compared to other flowers. Moreover, they have very variable sepals (two to nine, depending on the species) and petals (four to thirteen).

    Do you want to know how to take care of these beautiful flowers? Read about how to take care of peonies with our four peony care tips!

  • What do peonies mean?

    In the language of flowers, the peony has a very special symbolism. Like the rose, the peony rose represents love and affection. But unlike its thorny sister, the peony does not have these at all. As a result, she has become the symbol of healing and motherly love. This symbolism makes her the ideal Mother's Day gift

  • When do peonies bloom?

    In May and June, summer is just around the corner and so is the peony season. The peerless looks of this beauty make her one of the biggest flower favourites during these two months. When peonies are available depends very much on the weather. Moreover, the season for peonies is only short, from early May to the end of June. Do you want to enjoy these beautiful flowers and order beautiful peonies? Our quick!

  • Peonies: the perfect gift for Mother's Day

    Peonies, peonies and more peonies.... nothing is too beautiful for our moms! Peonies and Mother's Day belong together like yin and yang and peonies are THE flower to give on Mother's Day. Of course, the perfectly timed flowering time of peonies plays a big role in this. Peonies bloom in May and June and Mother's Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. But the leading role that peonies play in each bouquet is also what makes them so popular as Mother's Day gifts, because after all our mothers also play a big leading role in our lives.

    So, if you like to surprise you mum with beautiful Mother’s Day Flowers, peonies are the right choice. To send a peony rose bouquet, just choose one of the bouquets above, tell us where to deliver it and we'll take care of the rest!

  • Peonies: what colours are there?

    The petals of the peony are mainly found in shades of pink and red. But since there are 32 varieties, you can also find peonies in white or even yellow peonies. In Europe, the peony called “Paeonia officinalis” is the most common. The sepals are red or pink with yellow stamens inside. By the way, did you know that peonies can sometimes change colour? But why is that? With some varieties of peonies, you can observe a beautiful colour change from pink to salmon to cream, as for example with the "Coral Sunset". The name "Sunset" comes from the fact that it also applies to the dying off of the colorful flower: the closer the peony comes to wilting, the more pigmentation it loses.

    With Euroflorist you can have red or pink peonies delivered in the Netherlands today. You can easily order your peonies online and have them delivered to your doorstep.