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Field bouquets

Discover the irresistible allure of field bouquets, the ultimate value-packed flower trend of the moment! Embrace the charm of freshly picked blooms straight from the fields, shining with natural beauty and effortlessly complementing any vase you choose. Perfect for every occasion, these vibrant bouquets inject a burst of fresh colours into any space at prices you'll soon forget.

  • Field bouquet delivery

    Discover THE trend of the moment: field bouquets! Field bouquets, also called picking bouquets, are unique creations made of different types of flowers in different colors, lengths and shapes. Perfect for any occasion! If you want to surprise someone with a beautiful field bouquet, our florists are there to help you! Order online Monday to Friday before 2 pm and Saturday before noon and we deliver your bouquet the same day across the Netherlands.

  • How to make the perfect field bouquet?

    Creating a field bouquet is tiny bit more demanding than what most of us think. Their wild appearance might suggest a lack of structure, but this could not be further from the truth. First step is to choose a couple of eye-catchers like lilies, roses, or gerberas for example. They will be the center of all attentions! Once you have chosen you eye-catchers, all you have to do is work on the shapes and lengths by adding other less prominent flowers. Do not be afraid to play with the shapes of the flowers and of course variate the colors. Finishing touch? Add a few branches of greenery to create a nice contrast and give more volume.

  • Which vase to choose for my country bouquet?

    Field bouquets are voluminous bouquet... and yes, they need some space! Our advice? Go for a large flared vase! This will make you bouquet not only stable but also will make it reveal its splendor!

  • Which field flowers are used in country bouquets?

    Field bouquets made of many kinds of flowers. Each flower, each stem gets the same attention. Here is a list of the most used flowers in country bouquets: 

    • Purple field flowers: eustoma, aster
    • Yellow field flowers: sunflowers, alstromeria
    • Red field flowers: Hypericum, rose
    • Blue field flowers: delphinium, thistle
    • Orange field flowers: gerberas, roses, carnations, lilies
    • White field flowers: lilies, roses, eustoma
    • Pink field flowers: pink spray roses