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Orchids are wildly popular. And rightly so, we think. This graceful plant is nice and colourful and therefore a beautiful combination from flower and plant. A feast for the eyes and a true eye-catcher for any interior.

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    You can also order plants such as Orchids from Euroflorist. We offer an extensive range of Orchids in various colours and designs. For example, you will find various Phalaenopsis in both glass, pot or basket versions and also as cut flowers in bouquets. Make someone happy today with a beautiful Orchid! Think of a Phaleanopsis or, for example, an Oncidium or Cymbidium. Orchids come in so many shapes, sizes and colours that there is something for everyone. Did you know that the orchid likes high humidity? That means it can grow just fine in more humid living spaces, such as the bathroom or even kitchen. So an ideal plant if you have a nice spot open on the windowsill, the Phaleanopsis fits in perfectly! Read more about orchid care.