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With Euroflorist, sending carnations is easy. Our beautiful carnation bouquets, both pure and mixed, offer excellent value for money. Whether you choose a colorful bouquet or a bouquet in a single shade, carnations come in all shapes and sizes! Browse our selection and choose the perfect bouquet. One of our local florists will ensure a quick and careful delivery of your carnation bouquet!

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    Carnations are flowers that fit into many types of bouquets. The carnation is therefore very popular in the Netherlands and you see it a lot. In addition to mixed bouquets with carnations, pure carnation bouquets are also very popular. In its many colors and with lovely leaves, the carnation has a girlish appearance. Send carnations with Euroflorist. Sending carnations is a wonderful gift to surprise someone with. Carnations are flowers that are beautiful for almost any occasion. These bright flowers are available in many colors and fit well in both mixed bouquets and bouquets with only carnations. Also read our flower library about carnation care tips and the origin of this flowering beauty. Send them today!