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DIY Christmas Centerpiece

During Christmas, we love to decorate our home. We prefer to make our own Christmas decorations, for example with flowers and plants. Whether you choose a modern, oblong or unique Christmas arrangement, making your own Christmas centerpiece is not difficult! Here we give you an example on how to make a Christmas arrangement step by step. Of course, you can also just order a beautiful Christmas centerpiece from Euroflorist.

making a christmas centerpiece

What you need to make a Christmas arrangement

Start by finding an object to make the Christmas piece in. This could be a nice bowl, an old clay pot or even a coffee cup. Next, you will need soil, seasonal plants, green moss to cover the soil with and finally decorations. You can use pine cones, Christmas baubles, cinnamon sticks and other decorative ornaments.

making christmas wreath step 1

Step 1: put soil in the bowl

Start by adding a few inches of soil to the bottom of the bowl to create a base for the plants. This will ensure that the plants are stable at the bottom.

making christmas wreath step 2

Step 2: Adding Christmas plants

Place your plants in the bowl. In this Christmas arrangement, we chose a poinsettia, Hedera, Kalanchoe, succulents and a fir. Choose plants that have different shapes. One that is tall, one that is low and one that hangs. Try to think of where and in which direction your Christmas arrangement should be placed, so it will be easier to decide how to plant the plants. Think about whether it should have a front or back, or whether it should be in the middle of a table and will be seen from all sides.

making christmas centerpiece step 3

Step 3: adding moss

Once you have potted all the plants and are satisfied, add soil to cover the roots and keep the plants firmly in place. Next, cover the Christmas arrangement with green moss. Make sure you put green moss everywhere so it looks really pretty.

making christmas centerpiece step 4

Stap 4: decorating the Christmas centerpiece

Complete the Christmas arrangement with Christmas baubles or other decorations for the finishing touch. Be creative with the decorations! Remember to attach them in such a way that the Christmas arrangement is balanced and not too messy.

final christmas centerpiece

The end result: a beautiful Christmas centerpiece

The Christmas arrangement is finished! Place it as a decoration in the middle of the Christmas table or take it as a personal gift to the Christmas party!