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Daffodil delivery

Daffodils are one of the most popular spring flower! As bulbs growing in a pot or as cut flowers in a bouquet, they brighten up everyone's mood and home. Do you want to send beautiful daffodils to someone? No problem! One of our local florist will take care of your daffodil delivery anywhere in the Netherlands or abroad! 

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    Are you a big fan of Easter and are you looking forward to it every year? For all egg hunters, the chocolate bunnies' lovers and the colorful decorations freaks a bunch we have something you might love... beautiful daffodils. Nothing brings out the freshness and optimism of this festive season like daffodils. There are two types of daffodils to choose from, yellow daffodils or white daffodils. Whichever one you choose, one of our florists can just deliver it to you or someone else! Tempted? Sending daffodils has never been easier! Order them now directly online on our website and one of our local florists will take care of your fresh daffodils delivery!

  • When can I send daffodils and when do they bloom?

    Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom after winter. Depending on how mild the winter was, the daffodil's blooming period begins as early as February and lasts until the end of May. This means that daffodils are only available during spring. Good to know: Wild daffodils bloom earlier than the daffodils you plant at home.

  • Where does the name of daffodils comes from?

    The daffodil is without a doubt one of the most coveted spring flowers and can be found almost everywhere as cut flowers, in spring arrangements or simply in the flower fields. But one of the most special fact about this flower is almost unknown to everyone: the origin of its name! Its origin can be found in Greek mythology. Indeed, the famous demigod Narcissus - the son of a god and a nymph - was so in love with his reflection in the water that he eventually drowned in it. This would explain why daffodils always tend to look downward.

  • Are daffodils poisonous?

    Yes. Every part of the daffodil plant is poisonous. Ingestion can cause nausea and vomiting to humans. For pets (cats and dogs), it can even cause convulsions and/or cardiac arrhythmia. The daffodil is even toxic to other cut flowers. Therefore, we advise you not to combine them with other flowers such as tulips for example. The daffodil gives off a toxic slime that contaminates the water in the vase. This causes other cut flowers to wither much faster than normal. Well, we told you, the daffodil is quite.... narcissistic.