Same-Day Delivery 

Flowers by post

Have flowers delivered directly from the grower throughout the Netherlands. Your flowers will be delivered in a specially designed box so that your flowers arrive undamaged. The flowers travel with their stems in water with flower food so they remain 100% fresh!

✓ Fresh flowers directly from the grower ✓ Looks exactly like the picture ✓ Track & Trace

  • Send flowers by mail

    Looking to send flowers by mail? Our collection of is exactly what you are looking for! Not all small towns and places have a florist to take care of orders and deliveries, and it's not nice to have to travel several miles to find a flower shop. Euroflorist has the solution: flowers delivered directly from the grower to your front door via the courier. Do you want to surprise your loved ones, but can't find a flower shop? Or do you live in a neighborhood without a florist? At Euroflorist we are happy to help! It doesn't matter where you live or where you want flowers delivered, we'll arrange it!

  • Flowers straight from the grower

    Experience the freshest flowers delivered directly from the grower by courier. Your flowers will be delivered in a specially designed upright box, so that your flowers arrive undamaged. Are you curious what it looks like? Take a look at our Instagram page to see an unboxing! The boxed flowers travel with their stems in water, making sure they are fresh.

  • Can I track my order?

    Of course! Our flowers by mail are sent by courier, so you will receive an email with a tracking code. This way you always know where your flowers are.

  • Flowers in a box delivery: how does it work?

    Above you will find our selection of boxed bouquets available for delivery by mail. Select the product you want delivered and place your order quickly and easily. Your bouquet will then be prepared by a professional florist in our studio and carefully packaged in a specially designed box. Once the flowers are packed, the box with the bouquet is handed over to the courier who will deliver it to the address of your choice.

    Fresh flowers, even during transport. To keep the flowers fresh during transport, the stems of the flowers are placed in a small container with water. This container is closed with a special lid to prevent the water from leaking. Thanks to this ingenious technique, we can ensure that your flowers look fresh and fruity when they arrive at the recipient.

    What should I do if I receive flowers delivered by courier? All our flowers delivered by courier arrive in a cardboard box. This box is specially designed to protect the bouquet during transport. Open the box at the top and carefully remove the bouquet. Remove the small container filled with water, cut the stems at an angle and place your bouquet in a clean vase with plenty of lukewarm water. Don't forget to add the bag of cut flower food to enjoy your flowers even longer!

    Your bouquet will bloom by the day! At the time of delivery, the flowers of your bouquet are still in the bud. Give it a few days and it will reveal all its splendor!