Same-Day Delivery 


Have a bunch of flowers with Freesia delivered. Freesias smell lovely and are great favourites in bouquets. Not only in mixed bouquets but also a bouquet with only Freesia is beautiful. The Freesia is named after a botanist and its lovely fragrance makes it a wonderful gift. As one of the few flowers, the Freesia has the ability to make your house smell wonderfully fresh.

  • Have Freesia delivered for a wonderfully fresh interior

    We deliver a bunch of flowers with Freesia wherever and whenever you want. Easy to order, we take care of the delivery together with the local florist and we assure you that by choosing Freesia you make a good choice! A flower with a lovely fragrance is easily a good gift. Freesia are mainly available in white and in light pastel shades, meaning they look especially beautiful in light elegant and lovely bouquets.