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Tulips are a true classic and extremely popular. Do you pick a red winter bouquet to celebrate the holidays or a bunch of white tulips for an elegant and fresh look at home? We have a beautiful bouquet of tulips in various sizes for every occasion. Have tulips delivered for your own kitchen table or to surprise a loved one!

  • Tulip flower delivery with Euroflorist

    Finally, tulip season is back and we could not be more bloomingly excited! Every thirs saturday of january Amsterdam is celebrating its national Tulip Day. Dutch tulip breeders are putting more than 200.000 tulip bulbs into a garden on the Dam that is especially created for that day. As soon as they bloom people are free to pluck their own favorite tulip bouquet. This is how the official tulip season is being rung in and from that point on you can order tulips for yourself or send a tulip bouquet to someone special and make their day. However, the colourful flower was originally discovered in a warmer surrounding: in Turkey! Today the Netherlands are the world´s biggest tulip producer. By ordering a bouquet through our webshop you can have a tulip bouquet delivered very easily and within just a few clicks. Have a bunch of tulips delivered and we will take care of the delivery. Order the bouquet via the website and enter the relevant address. If desired, enter a personal card text and we will ensure that your bouquet is delivered with your own message wherever you want. Our florists are spread throughout the Netherlands and can therefore deliver tulips throughout the country. In addition, we deliver worldwide through our international florist network.

  • Send tulips - What you need to know about the meaning of tulips

    They say flowers say more than 1000 words ... well you need to know what these flowers mean of course. Not only the flower itself but also the colour has a specific meaning. If you are not sure which colour to choose, here's a little guide:

    • Red tulips: true love.
    • Pink tulips: elegance and happiness
    • Purple tulips: peace and spirituality.
    • Yellow tulips: pleasure, warmth and happiness
    • Orange tulips: enthusiasm
    • White tulips: innocent and pure
    • Muticolor Tulips: all the above :)
  • Care tips for your tulip bouquet

    Tulip season has started and now everyone can enjoy the beautiful colours of tulips. Tulips are not difficult to care for, but there are some facts that can help you enjoy your flowers for as long as possible! Especially for you, we have collected the best care tips for a long and healthy life of your tulips. Discover our care tips for tulips.