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International Women's Day Flowers

For the mother you look up to, for the woman who is always by your side or for the daughter you are so proud of ... there are millions of reasons to treat the extraordinary women in your life to a beautiful bouquet. 

  • What do we celebrate on International Women's Day?

    On International Women's Day, 8 of March, we commemorate the solidarity and militancy of women around the world. This started as a result of a strike in the twentieth century when women stood up for their rights, such as the right to work and vote. Today, this is - still - high on the agenda at the United Nations and the Government also pays attention to International Women's Day.

  • Send flowers on International Women's day

    Whether it is your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister or colleague, everyone has one or more special women in his or her life. Euroflorist helps you to send a beautiful bouquet to those special women in your life! Choose a beautiful bouquet from our special category for International Women's Day on march 8 th and we will do the rest. Order before 2:00 pm on weekdays before and before 12:00 pm on Saturdays and we will deliver your flowers the same day! However, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee deliveries on Sunday. Your flowers will then be delivered on the Saturday before or the Monday after.

  • What to give on International Women's Day?

    International Women's Day is not about big gifts and expensive presents. It is all about the message this day conveys. Nowadays, this very special day is mainly celebrated to show appreciation and respect for women. This, of course, should happen every day and be the norm in our society, but history and experience taught us that there is, still today, a lot of work to do. So, what gifts are suitable for International Women's Day? On this day, mainly small gifts are given. Think of beautiful flowers, delicious praline or a nice greeting card!

  • What flowers can I give on International Women's Day?

    Well... we get this question quite from our customers! To help you choose, we have gathered some interesting information below.

    • Red flowers: Celebrating International Women's Day has not always been a given, especially during World War II. However, even during times when this celebration was banned, women kept on celebrating it. As a sign of participation, they used to hang red linen hanging out the window. The red color, and by extension red flowers, became one of the symbols of International Women's Day.
    • Carnations: Why are carnations the best gift for International Women's Day? On March 8, 1911, women took to the streets for the first time to campaign for women's suffrage. In doing so, they were encouraged to wear a red carnation on the lapel of their jacket as a sign of equality. Since then, this has become a tradition during marches or celebrations on Women's Day although some wear the carnation in their hair or in their hand. Carnations are therefore an especially good choice for Women's Day, especially red carnations.