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Sunflower delivery

Discover the radiant beauty and blooming cheerfulness of sunflowers. These golden flowers have captivated hearts for centuries and symbolise happiness, optimism and the joy of summer. Prepare to be dazzled as you explore our collection of sunflowers, where nature's brilliance takes center stage.

  • Sunflowers delivery with Euroflorist

    Sunflower lovers, we have good news for you: sunflowers are back in stock! This summer classic radiates joy and quickly puts a smile on anyone's face. The deep yellow color makes this a real bestseller of the season, probably evoking memories of wonderful, warm summers and vacations in the French countryside for many of us.

  • When do sunflowers bloom?

    Sunflowers are true summer flowers. The flowering season begins in early July and lasts until September or October. Nowadays, however, sunflowers are available almost year-round. They are then imported or grown in greenhouses.

  • How can I send sunflowers?

    Would you like to send sunflowers or a lovely mixed bouquet of sunflowers? No problem with Euroflorist. Thanks to our network of florists in the Netherlands and abroad, you can send sunflowers wherever and whenever you want.

    Above you will find a selection of bouquets to choose from. Sending sunflowers or a colorful mixed bouquet with sunflowers is easily arranged via our website. Choose the bouquet, fill in the details and we will make sure that your bouquet is delivered to the address you provided. One of our local florists will assemble your bouquet a few minutes before delivery to ensure optimum freshness. So do you it know already? Who are you going to surprise with a beautiful sunflowers delivery?

    Not so fond of sunflowers? No problem: discover our other summer flowers.

  • The best care tips for sunflowers

    Sunflowers are at the top when it comes to summer favorite flowers. You just can't get enough of this ray of sunshine.

    Want to know how to take care of your sunflowers bouquet? Ask the professionals! Here are a few handy tips from our florists:

    • Cut the stems at an angle and remove excess leaves from the stems;
    • Place the sunflowers in a clean, preferably glass vase with tap water at room temperature;
    • Treat them to some extra flower food;
    • Refill the water regularly, as sunflowers are thirsty;
    • Make sure the vase is not in full sunlight and keep the flowers away from your fruit bowl.