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Nationaal ouderenfonds (National Elderly Fund)

Euroflorist donates €21.000 to The National Elderly Fund in 2020.

As the pandemic spread, one thing became clear; to protect our loved ones, we had to distance ourselves from them. Some were hit harder than others. Euroflorist, Europe's No 1 in online flower delivery, therefore decided to do something for the group most affected: the elderly.

Our mission - Bringing people together

"The situation in recent months has clearly shown us how important the connection between people is," CEO Per Lindsjö reveals. "The corona crisis has affected everyone in many ways, but one group in our society has been hit harder by this social distance, namely the elderly. The core of our business is bringing people together and thanks to all the customers who wanted to show love and support to their loved ones, we have been able to support the work of The National Elderly Fund."

Regional Director Central Europe, Jacqueline Bakker, is also enthusiastic about this collaboration: "I am proud that we have been able to help The National Fund for the Elderly and deliver this message of hope thanks to all our teams, florists and partners."

A joint effort

The action for The National Elderly Fund in the Netherlands is part of a global approach carried out with the entire Euroflorist group in different countries. We are happy and proud that we were able to donate a total of €500,000 to various associations and