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Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

It's almost time for trick-or-treating, witches on broomsticks, and carved pumpkins with candles. We mean Halloween, of course! Around this time, it's popular to decorate pumpkins in various ways, and everyone is busy with pumpkin crafts. Do you need Halloween decoration ideas? We give you three steps to make Halloween decorations yourself with pumpkins and flowers!

What do you need for pumpkin decoration?

To decorate your pumpkin with flowers, you'll need a sharp knife that can cut through the pumpkin, a spoon, a small glass vase that fits inside the pumpkin you've chosen, and most importantly - flowers. Choose a bunch of autumn flowers that match the pumpkin and feel Halloween-themed.


Carving the pumpkin

Start by making a cut fairly high, near the top of the pumpkin. This is because the rest of the pumpkin will become the base of the arrangement, where the small glass vase will fit best. Use a sharp knife, but be careful not to cut yourself!

Carving pumpkin

Hollowing the pumpkin

To hollow out the pumpkin, use a spoon to scoop out the contents. Wear an apron or loose clothing in case you spill pumpkin juice while scooping out the contents. Hollow it out so that the small glass vase fits in perfectly. How much you hollow it out depends on how big your vase is!

Hollowing pumpkin

Adding flowers in the pumpkin

We're almost there! Place the glass vase in your pumpkin, fill it with water, and add your beautiful flowers! Now you have a gorgeous Halloween pumpkin vase. You can use this as a decorative pumpkin to further enhance your beautiful flowers in the Halloween spirit. Super easy and super beautiful: decorating a pumpkin with flowers!

Pumpkin flowers

Bonus pumpkin idea: mini pumpkins in vase

Do you already have a glass vase at home but no time to hollow them out? Don't panic! We have another idea to give your flowers a Halloween touch. Decorate your glass vases with small pumpkins floating in the water to give your bouquet a Halloween feel. Pumpkin decoration doesn't have to be difficult!

Pumpkin in vase