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Flower language

Discover their hidden messages

Different flower types have a different message. Discover their hidden language on this page. Even more than words, flowers can be the delicate messenger of our feelings or intentions. Everyone knows that a red rose is the flower you send to a loved one. Similar, all other flowers carry a hidden meaning as well. Everything depends on what you read between the lines!

Anemone: Do not abandon me.

Amaryllis: Pride

Hawthorn: hope.

Arum: Listen to your soul.

Azalea: sincere and shy love.

Begonia: Cordial friendship.

Cornflower: Faithfulness

Rosebud: Rising love.

Camellia: Constancy and admiration.

Campanula: Gratitude

Capuchin: Ardor

Honeysuckle: Friendship links.

Poppy-red: Weakness

Chrysanthemum: End of a love story.

Dahlia: Gratefully

Delphinium: Unfaithfulness

Wild rose: Happiness flies too fast

Fuchsia: Passionate love

Geranium: I'm delighted by your presence.

Gardenia: Sincerity.

Hydrangea: Let me hope.

Iris: Good news.

Hyacinth: Sweetness, softness.

Jasmin: Attention.

Bright yellow: I desire you, gloom

Lavender: Fairness and tenderness

Ivy: Friendship and affection.

Lilac: Emotion and simplicity.

Lily: Purity.

Marguerite: Shy love.

Mimosa: Security, platonic love.

Lily of the valley: return of happiness.

Forget-me-not: Faithfulness.

Narcissus: Selfishness, indifference

Carnation: Freedom.

Orange tree: Virginity, purity

Orchid: Fervor, refinement.

Nettle: Cruelty, nastiness.

Daisy: You are beautiful, affection.

Poppy: Dream, sleep.

Pansy: Think about me.

Periwinkle: Nostalgia, gloom

Peony: Sincerity

Sweet pea: Elegance, refinement.

Primrose: Youth, rising love

Ranunculus: Seduction, charm, bewitchment.

Red rose: Passion, fiery love.

White rose: purity.

Yellow rose: Jealousy, unfaithfulness.

Pink rose: Love.

Rhododendron: Your are the most beautiful, elegance.

Marigold: Jealousy

Sunflower: Arrogance, pride.

Clover: Uncertainty, anguish.

Tulip: Love declaration, sincerity.

Violet: Delicate charm, humility.