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Send funeral flowers

Send funeral flowers in the Netherlands: all of our funeral flowers are made with care by the best local Dutch florists. We also deliver in churches, funeral homes or other special locations. Our customer service is ready to help you with any questions or other specific wishes.

Funeral bouquets
Funeral bouquets  from  € 35.99

Funeral bouquets are a popular tribute expressing sympathy. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

Funeral arrangements
Funeral arrangements  from  € 59.00

Our funeral arrangements are a great way to say goodbye to a deceased person in due time or to show your support to the next of kin.

Sympathy bouquets
Sympathy bouquets  from  € 18.99

Would you like to condone someone with the loss of a loved one? With our condolences and sympathy bouquets, you can convey this message in an appropriate way.

Funeral wreaths
Funeral wreaths  from  € 139.99