Freshness guarantee

Order your fresh flowers at Euroflorist

Our florists are professionals with a great passion for flower business. Our florists always work with the freshest flowers, often daily fresh from the auction! Your order will therefore be handled with the greatest care. We guarantee seven days of freshness for the flowers we deliver. This means the flowers should still be fresh in their vase five days from the date of delivery. Though often this will actually be longer, depending on the type of flowers and the correct flower care. If any flowers die or wilt within five days, we kindly invite you to take a photograph and send it to us digitally, so we can find a solution.

Enjoy your flowers for longer and follow some easy tips and tricks to make sure they live a long life. Taking care of flowers is easier than most people think. With some small instructions your bouquet will stay fresh longer and look beautiful after several days or even weeks. Read more here about how to take care of flowers.