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Gift Cards

Giving and receiving flowers is great, but every now and then a Euroflorist gift voucher might be an even better idea. The recipient can decide for himself when and how the voucher will be spent. It is also useful to have a number of Euroflorist gift cards in stock, so you are never left empty-handed and you will always have a suitable gift.

The advantages of the Euroflorist gift voucher:

  • The recipient chooses the flower gift himself.
  • The recipient chooses when the receipt is redeemed.
  • Interchangeable with all Euroflorist partner florists in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria and on our sites euroflorist.nl/euroflorist.be/europflorist.de/euroflorist.at
  • Always a gift in stock.
  • Gift vouchers are also very suitable for 'smoothing' things such as handling complaints.
  • A neutral and friendly gesture.
  • Decorative gift voucher made from 100% recycled birch wood.
  • Available in different values: € 5.00, -, € 7.50, € 10, - and € 20, -.

Mail your order to netwerk@euroflorist.nl