Flowers delivered in the Netherlands – chickens, ducks or books elsewhere

In our World Gifts collection you’ll find 3 special bouquets. These items are selected specially for Oxfam Novib and support 3 projects abroad. By sending one of these seasonal bouquets, you’ll donate an amount to Oxfam Novib for one of these specific projects. Read more about the projects, donations and bouquets below.

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Bouquet with chickens

By purchasing this bouquet you donate €3,2 (2 chickens) of the flower value to Oxfam Novib and partner organization Send a Cow.

This elegant pink seasonal bouquet is a real favourite. Surprise your mother, friend, sister or colleague with this lovely bouquet and you automatically send 2 chickens to a family in need in Uganda! By having chickens, you’ll have an income and food. Not only eggs, chicks, meat and fertilizer for your own use, but also to sell on a local market. With this gift, you’re therefore making a family very happy!

Oxfam Novib collaborates with local partner organization Send a Cow in Uganda. Due to price fluctuations, raising food prices and long periods of unrest, life isn’t easy for many people in Uganda. With projects located in the rural areas of Uganda, people are getting trainings on how to keep cattle, to raise their income and to improve their diet. Send a Cow also works on the stimulation of sustainable agricultural projects, protection of the environment and promotes gender equality.

Bouquet with duck

By purchasing this bouquet you donate €2,4 (one duck) of the flower value to Oxfam Novib and partner organization GUK.

This seasonal bouquet in yellow and white tones is a lovely spring and summer surprise. Not only one of your loved ones in the Netherlands will be happy receiving this bouquet, but by sending this you’ll also donate a duck to a family in Bangladesh. You maybe wouldn’t think so, but ducks are incredibly important for farmers. Not only they give eggs, they’re also an efficient and environmental friendly way to control pests. You can imagine that for many families this quacking gift is therefore very welcome!

Oxfam Novib collaborates with local partner organization GUK in Bangladesh. This organization helps people to rebuild their lives after the devastating cyclone SIDR in 2007.  Their projects are mainly focusing on women in the regions Shariatur and Chandpur, where they are trained to keep cattle. Thanks to this project women have the possibility to be independent and have their own income.

Educational bouquet

By purchasing this bouquet you donate €3 (schoolbooks) of the flower value to Oxfam Novib.

By sending this colourful seasonal bouquet you’re helping a child in Mali to go to school by offering a schoolbook! Going to school isn’t everywhere as logical as it is in the Netherlands. By buying this bouquet, one of our local florists will deliver a bouquet to your loved ones in the Netherlands and Oxfam Novib will use your donation to help a child in need to work on his or her future.

For the project “Quality Educators for All” in Mali, Oxfam Novib collaborates with COSC-EPT, teachers organization SNEC and the Ministry of Education, Literacy and National Languages. The project mainly focuses on education for teachers, teaching materials and training in reading and writing for parents to able to develop together with their children and work on a better future.