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Valentine's Day gift

Would you like to give your loved one just that little bit more than just a bunch of flowers? Such as a teddy bear, a delicious box of chocolates or bottle of champagne that you can enjoy together during your romantic evening? Also for that you're at the right place. Find a nice package below and make your Valentine's Day present complete with a personalised luxury greeting card. 


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  • Valentine's Gifts for Men and Women

    Attention, gentlemen and ladies! February 14th is Valentine's Day! A day not to be forgotten. If you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic Valentine's gift, you've come to the right place. Flowers are the number one gift on Valentine's Day, but they can be a bit cliché. Usually, they are mainly given to women, but what if we turn that around this year? Give your man a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Flowers make people happy, and that's no different for men than for women. Not sure? Go for a giftset, perhaps with a bottle of champagne. You can't go wrong with that!

  • What Valentine's Day gifts are there?

    Around Valentine's Day, flowers are still the most popular gift, closely followed by tasty treats like chocolate and bonbons. Why? Because we get happy from flowers, scientifically proven. But we all know that love goes through the stomach! So, with a box of chocolates next to the bouquet of flowers, you're sure to please. At Euroflorist, we offer various Valentine's gifts alongside beautiful bouquets of flowers with chocolate. Combine, for example, with a bottle of champagne. Prefer something more lasting? Opt for a sweet teddy bear or a personalised luxury greeting card. Despite flowers saying so much, a sweet, romantic message can only add value!

  • Can I send my Valentine's gift anonymously with flowers?

    Good news! It is not legally allowed to mention the sender of a Valentine's gift unless you have given permission. If you want to send your Valentine's gift anonymously, you can! You can fill in what you want us to put on the accompanying card. However, the recipient can contact us if they wonder who their secret admirer is. We will then ask you if you want to share your identity. But of course, you can say no.

  • Can I have my Valentine's gifts delivered on Valentine's Day?

    We consider Valentine's Day an important day and make extra efforts to have all flowers delivered on time. Fortunately, this is not a problem for us. With a whopping 50,000 florists worldwide, there is always a florist nearby who can deliver your Valentine's gift on this day of love.

  • How do I know that my Valentine's gift has been delivered?

    If your Valentine's Day gift is delivered by a local florist, you will receive an SMS message from the florist. If your flowers come directly from the grower and are delivered by the courier, you will receive a track & trace link from the courier via email.


  • Does the gift I give on Valentine's Day matter?

    The choice of your Valentine's gift is, of course, personal. If your loved one doesn't like chocolate, it's not a good idea. But usually, flowers and chocolate are the safe options and popular for a reason. You can't go wrong with them. If you prefer to give perfume or other grooming products, it's important to know your loved one's favorite scent. Don't know this? Then the product may end up unused in the closet. With flowers, you don't have this problem; flowers are always a good idea! Especially with red roses, you're on the right track around Valentine's Day! Roses are the ultimate flowers of love, whether it's your favorite or not. And we assume you would know if your loved one is one of the few who doesn't like chocolate; perhaps a bottle of champagne is a better idea. Or safely go for a luxurious personalized greeting card; a personal message is the ultimate declaration of love! And you can keep it for a long time.